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Elastic Warfare: Rubber Band of Brothers

It’s Saturday morning, with the cartoons on the television and adventures running through your head. With grim determination, you pull back the elastic band and take aim. The tension builds and your fingers begin to tremble as the army man is centered in your sights.

The plastic soldier stood still, believing itself to be safely in cover behind the couch leg. It doesn’t even hear the snap of the elastic as he sails into the air from the force of the blow.

Welcome to Elastic Warfare.

Elastic Warfare is a ruleset for tactical miniature wargaming to be played with a standard set of army men and a set of rubber bands designed to be played in your existing living room.

The ruleset is inspired by "Little Wars" by H.G. Wells in creating a ruleset for children and adults using toys they already own. The rules are extremely simple-to-learn utilizing only simple measurements and dexterity based shooting.

The advanced rules add strategy, without adding complexity in the form of a tactical deck. Move as many soldiers as you want, but the more you move the greater the risk of falling for an enemy ploy.


- This ruleset does not require anything past a measuring device, a set of army men and a handful of rubber bands

- It requires no specialized terrain, as it's designed to use your existing tables, chairs, and furniture as the battlefield. Or play on your tabletop using the included Tabletop-Scale rules.

- Accuracy in this game is based on player skill with a rubber band and terrain is physically placed. This means combat is quick, and simple to learn even for children

Elastic Warfare: Rubber Band of Brothers
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