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Non-Gratus Rodentum: Tunnel Rats

Not Worth a Rat

Beneath the battlefields of the Vietnam War massive tunnel networks contain everything from living spaces and storages rooms to command headquarters.  This is where the rats come in.

Volunteers willing to go underground in search of valuable intelligence and systematically rigging the tunnel for destruction.

But to do that they must navigate the claustrophobic tunnels, disarm booby traps, evade dangerous wildlife, and defend themselves against live combatants.

Can you bring your squad home alive?


  • A solitaire Dungeon Crawl for including mechanics for campaign play

  • Build, equip and grow a squad through both combat experience and mission rewards.

  • Explore tunnels big and small using abstracted mapping method that build as you play.

  • Use your wits and your luck to avoid booby traps and wild animals

  • Engage hostile VC Troops in quick, dangerous shootouts

  • This game was designed in conjunction with Ian Richard, the Creator of "The Cards of Cthulhu" board game.

Non-Gratus Rodentum: Tunnel Rats
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