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Downloadable Board Games?

Diceman Games come in PDF form and contain a set of rules that can be played using common materials you already own and limited printing.

This allows for a lower cost of entry for players and in turn allows for more flexibility in the types of games we can create. 

Microgames Vs. Full Size Games

There are two distinct scales of products featured here. 

At regular intervals new "Microgame" will launch. These are small-scale highly experimental games that allow us to test new methods, mechanics and components with a complete game. Feedback on these projects will allow us  to see which components work well for you and which ideas you'd like to see expanded, as well as give new designers a way to test the waters.

Full-Sized games are far larger games containing many pages of rules, world building, and components. These game's require a minimum of 6 months development and will have a higher price tag. 

But, full-sized games are the prime target of the Experimental Access program. 

Between the two scales we hope to craft the experiences for all our players to  have fun.

What If I'm not satified with my purchase?

Every digital product on this site is backed by the "Diceman Promise." If you aren't entirely satisfied, you can get any or all of your money back while keeping the product.

Find the full details on the "Our Promise" page.

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