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Escape Micro: Season 1

You are trapped with an unearthly threat that feels no remorse. You need to put your escape plan into action, but you know that you are being stalked and that your time is running out.

Escape Micro is a solitaire push-your-luck dice game of Micro Proportions. You'll use the 6 standard six-sided dice to scavenge the location.  These dice can be used to build up your fight or flight response or even to advance the escape plan.  But stick around to long as the killer will strike.

A desperate hero can "Panic" if all other options are exhausted. But they need to be quick to regain control of their terror or else...

  • Quick to Learn and Fast moving gameplay

  • Playtime: ~10 Minutes

  • Low-Ink Printing and low component count (6 Dice, a handful of paperclips, and 4 pages)

  • This season pack contains 4 sets of cards which can be mix-and-matched to create numerous challenges.

Escape Micro: Season 1
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