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Tales of Murder

A gathering of guests from afar, a stormy night and a deathly scream that fills the halls. The guests rush towards the sound to find themselves standing over a corpse… their host has been murdered!

But, unbeknownst to the killer, you’ve made your living and your fame as an investigator. Can you find the murder weapon, narrow the list of suspects and accuse the killer before the storm ends and they escape the scene?

  • A playable murder-mystery for one player

  • Mechanics that are structured enough to maintain gameplay flow, but focus on telling unique stories with every game

  • 6 possible murder weapons, 11 Area's of Interest, 15 types of suspects, 36 events makes for unlimited stories

  • Each suspect has unique behaviors and effects on the story

  • A simple premade tutorial case to teach you the major rules through play

Tales of Murder
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