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YarnSpinners and Six Shooters

Yarnspinners is a collaborative story-telling game that acts as a frame that allows one or more players to craft a share story of western themed adventures in the format of a GM-less roleplaying game.  Our game picks up as the players relax in the saloon or sit at a campfire at the end of the day of adventuring.

The players will work together to craft a scene which will be explored by a single player telling the tale of his daily adventure. They'll load their skill points, take their shot and try to advance the parties goals for the day. When all players are tired out, they relax and reload... resolving the objectives of the day.

  • The basic-skill tests are playable both as a shared storytelling game or traditional GM driven RPG

  • A poker-themed scoring system allowing players to build themselves stronger than the opposition.

  • The reference tables make it easy to play with fewer to players or even solitaire

YarnSpinners and Six Shooters
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